Back to work

Two weeks ago I decided that I needed to get out and do something. I’ve been super fortunate that my job can be done from home and that my job has been secure, so far. But that means that I rarely leave our apartment anymore. Over time it wears on you. Well Ewan and I decided to work on the racecar. At the last race we had problems with fuel starvation and we decided that it was probably a failing fuel pump, and we chose to to try to replace it at the track. I’ve been feeling guilty about that.

Well some time ago I ordered an entirely new pump assembly. It’s been sitting here waiting for a long while. Ewan and I decided last weekend that enough was enough and that we could do this safely. We almost never see anyone at Tedd’s other than Tedd and sometimes Tedd’s crazy tenant turned squatter who lives in the garage unit. But she does not talk to us, which is fine, and we can keep Tedd at “arm’s length.”

To replace the pump assembly you have to drop the tank. Thankfully Tedd had emptied the tank already. So we started by removing the exhaust. We have a bit of a custom exhaust so it is basically all one piece. We discovered one stud missing and the gaskets needed replacing. So that wasn’t the worst thing, since we’ll fix those. The tank is held up by two straps but it is connected to the car by about 4 hoses and one pipe, and about 3 wiring connectors. 4 of the hoses are fairly easy to access with the wheel off from the driver rear side. but the wires and the pipe are a pain to reach and can really only be accessed when the tank is partially dropped. So it was a bunch of trial and error until we got in there. Tedd did show up for a bit and help us get going when we were stalled.

We got the tank out and replaced the pump assembly and then started on getting it all back together. Turns out the left and right tank support straps are different and naturally I put them on backwards at first which didn’t work. We got the tank back in and the fuel system reconnected before calling it a day. As always we had to scramble to cleanup and get home in time for dinner.

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