About our Team

Our team is Pick and Pull Racing.  We raced our 1991 Honda Accord in seven races.  The Minnow got bent and we proved unequal to the task of getting it straighened out so we bought, a 1993 Honda Accord.  Then we did a chassis swap.  We moved the supsension, breaks, transmission, safety gear, etc from the Minnow to the new car, the RBG.

Current team members are Mike Benefield, founding member, captain, main wrench, and slowest; Tedd Kattchee, founding member,provider of workspace, expert wrench; Dennis Wakaluk, who has been with us for every races since the first, and Jason Levine, newest member and unexpectedly fast.  My son Ewan was my wrenching companion and helper until he got old enough to really be helpful at which time he lost interest.  He is our most loyal fan.  My wife, Lara, is our second most loyal fan.  She has come to every one of our races, even to Buttonwillow and Thunderhill.

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Derek Ludlow is a past member, who’s busy schedule just always seems to get in the way.

We called on Tedd’s brother Chris Kattchee to drive when we were a driver short.  Tedd and Chris make up Kattchee Brothers Racing.  They race a 1965 Alfa Giulia in historic racing.  It is so fast that being a passenger is literally painful.

Our home base is Tedd’s driveway in Berkeley, California.  We struggle to keep his yard from looking like a junkyard.  For a while there when the Minnow, the new car, Tedd’s street Alfa, and the trailer were all there, we failed and it looked a lot like a junk yard.  It’s much better now with the Minnow gone to Davey Jones Locker.

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