Great Video of Me Sunday Morning

This video is from a black 1996 Prelude from Boom Racing.  You can first see me at 5:00.  He catches up with me but can’t pass then I pull away over two laps.  By 10:30 I’m gone.


47th Place Overall!

What a day!  Every driver advanced us through the field all day long.  I got us to 63 from 75th and set my fasted lap time (4:02) in the first 90 minutes.  Dennis took over after that and set a crazy fast time of 3:59!  Then Tedd came in and brought us into 50th place, and improved on his fastest lap with a 3:55.  Finally Chris, Tedd’s brother arrived and we rushed him through the paperwork and got him out there for the last 90 minutes.  He set the team fastest lap at 3:54 and brought us up to 47th place.  We finished 19th in B class.

The car was so much faster.  The brakes were superb.  There was no car in the field that I saw that could out brake us.  There was no car in the field that I saw that handled better.  There were plenty of cars with way more power, and there were a fair number that were great drivers.  In my sunday morning run I followed the 911 with the VW TDI motor for about 5 laps.  He finished in 11 place.  He would pull away on the straights a little and I would catch him in the corners.  That’s right our Accord was out handling a 911.  I’ll probably get cancer from breathing his exhaust all that time.

From 75th to 63

I took the first stint this morning.  They started putting cars on the track at 8:45.  I drove until 10:30 and burned 3/4 a tank of gas.  Tedd and Dennis rocked and got us back out there in 10 minutes, part of that was under full course yellow.  After the first hour we were officially in 63.  I don’t know where we were at the end of my drive but we are currently in 57th!!!

I had a great drive.  I managed to “get” turn 1 which, if you have the guts, can be taken nearly without lifting.  I did lots of passing.  There were a few cars that even though I came up on them really fast they blocked and hogged the road and made it hard.  One in particular had more power so would pull away in the straights.  Before the straight that is west of the paddocks I let him get ahead so I could get a great run into the straight which canceled his power advantage so I was on his butt coming into the breaking zone I got on his right and waited until he started breaking.  I got on my breaks right as I got next to him and took it through that tight right hander and passed him well enough that he couldn’t get me back on the long front straight.  I got lucky and there was no traffic in turn 1 so I took it nearly flat out and was 100 yards ahead of him in the next turn   Too much fun.

Dennis is rocking it out there now.  Ewan and I are eating.  Dennis will come in in a half hour or so.  Gotta go.

Mid 90s not so bad, 75th place awsome!

It stayed overcast all day, and in the afternoon it got quite hazy.  It never got out the the mid 90s’.  Tedd went first and had a fast lap of 4:01.  Then I went, then Dennis.  On Tedd’s second drive he set a 3:56 which is pretty dang fast.  The improved suspension is very nice.  The tires are holding up very well, the brakes are solid, though the rotors will be toast by the end of tomorrow.  It is driving well and we are in 75th place !!!!! (out of about 190)  That’s around 25th place in B group.  We are having a blast.  It would be so amazing if we finished again tomorrow.  I can’t even say how cool it is.

Neither Dennis nor I had ever driven this track in any way.  The whole back section is full of corners over blind rises.  The track makers seemed to love off camber turns.  It’s a hell of a track.  Lucky for me after two laps under green it went full course yellow for a while and I got to learn the layout.  Tedd and Dennis say you can take turn 1 without braking, but I couldn’t work up the nerve.  More tomorrow, now time for sleep.

Tech Day, Overloaded WiFi

I tried several times to get online today but the wifi was totally overloaded.  So much for live blogging.

Today was a day of heat and stress.  Tedd had all sorts of trouble with his van.  After getting the new fuel pump installed they put the tank back in but one of the straps broke and they had to find a new one.  Tech inspection closed at 5pm and they were not going to do any tech on saturday so if you missed it on saturday, no race.  Tedd got to Thunderhill at 4pm.  We unloaded it put on our Skipper and Gilligan suits and took it straight to tech.  We passed tech quickly and with no problems.  Then we went on to BS inspection.  It went well to, we dazzled them with our well chosen bribe.  They put us in class B with no laps!

It’s hard to describe how hot it was.  Even after the air conditoned drive to the motel I was still overheated. I couldn’t stop sweating until I took a 20 minute cold shower.

So the race starts tomorrow at 10am.  Tedd is going to start, I’ll go second, and Dennis third.  I hear that Tedd’s brother Chris will join us Sunday.

It is a long and complicated technical track.  It will be glorious.

Morning at Thunderhill

Tedd and the car won’t be here until ~2pm!  Nervous.  He is waiting for a gas tank strap for his van, so it can be fixed.

I arrived at the track gate at 5:15am, and I was the second one through the gate at 7am only to find out that they let everyone in yesterday!!  I got lucky though and scored the last spot under one of the metal canopies.  We have shade!

It’s going to be 107 degrees F today.  Thank god it will cool off to a even 100 tomorrow and the high 90s on Sunday.


Arrived Last Night

I arrived last night in Willows, CA at the Super 8.  Tomorrow Tedd will bring the car and we have Tech and BS inspection.  20150910_200301

I think I’m in the right place.

Gotta go get in line early to get a shady paddock spot.  It’s going to top out over 100 every day this weekend.