So on Chris’ first lap on Saturday he turned in way way too early for turn 11 and a car was overtaking him on the inside hit him on the right front wheel.

The result of that was the camber went from -3.0 degrees to 0.0 degrees and there was a ton of toe in.  We adjusted it back to -3 and set the toe by using up all of the free threads on the tie rods.

Today I got under the car and found where the damage was.  We are lucky.  It appears to be only on the lower control arm mount bracket.  You can see where the bracket buckled and folded.  It’s an inch too far in.  You can also see grease from the CV all over.  The boot looks good but there is a small cut on it.


Unfortunately the bracket is part of the “rear beam” which is practically married to the steering rack and won’t be easy to get out or get back in.  I’ll have to get a good one from the junkyard and swap it in.   I guess this will be my chance to properly modify the steering rack to fill it with grease instead of power steering fluid, so I can loose the pump and all the plumbing.

Fast Lap Videos

Tedd’s fast lap was a 2:08.9, which beat his previous best by almost 3 seconds.

Mine was a 2:13.2 which is almost 2 seconds faster than my previous best, and was made on just about my only clean unobstructed lap.  I have to believe that given a few more unobstructed laps on a dry day I could trim another few seconds off that.

Dennis made a 2:11.2.  He doesn’t even look quick but he is.  Low drama, easy on the car, and quick.  What more could you want in a driver?

Our whole drives (all of them that we recorded) are on YouTube or will be soon.

PicknPull on Youtube