Back together

Over the course of many weeks we got the clutch in. It’s a big job. We don’t have a hoist so this is a rough sketch of what it takes.

Disassemble the right side suspension and get the axle out. Remove the frame member underneath that connects the front and back cross members. Disassemble the left side suspension enough to get the axle out. Remove the half-shaft. Remove the intake to but not including the throttle body. Disconnect all of the wires and linkages that connect to the trans including all of the things that are anchored to things that are attached to the trans. Take out the starter motor. disconnect the upper radiator hose. Disconnect the trans mount, support the motor/trans with a jack.
Now you can start taking off the bolts in the bell housing, and the support brackets including the bracket from the rear trans mount. Wrap something around the clutch slave cylinder to keep the piston from pushing out. Once you get the trans disconnected pull it out so you get the shaft out and try to lower it out the bottom. OH DAMN!! look the clutch line is connected to the top of the trans!! undo that bracket quick!! The trans does does not fit out of the bottom easily. You have to work it around and back and forth and eventually get it on the ground. Remove the pressure plate, remove the totally destroyed clutch, the flywheel looks pretty good resurfacing is for race teams with money. THEN in the immortal words of Mr. Chilton, “Installation is the reverse of removal.”
You’ll also find that the trans fluid comes out so that’ll need replacing.

Last weekend we got it 95% back in and yesterday my son and I got the trans fluid in and the wheels on and drove it out of the way so we could start working on his first car which is a 1991 Volvo 240 Wagon 5-speed. We managed to get the front brake lines replaced and the brakes bled.


It seems I took no photos of the whole process.  Who wants to pick up their nice phone with hands covered in axle grease?

In other news, someone rear-ended my Acura TL in may-ish.  I got about $900 to fix it.  Hadn’t decided whether to fix it yet when I rear ended someone else.  The insurance called it a total and gave me a fair price for it.  It got hauled off and we went and bought a Honda Clarity Plug-In Hybrid Touring.  With all the various discounts and incentives we got if for the price of a Civic SI.  It is the quietest and most lux car I’ve ever had.  Since I bought it I’ve got 1,333 miles on it and I’ve burned about 19.2 gallons of gas.  I’ve paid about $4 for all of the electric charging so far.  Most of my charging has been totally solar.  69.4 miles per gallon.