Rear End Transplant

Today, Dennis, Tedd, and I transplanted the rear end of the minnow into the new car.  After lowering the exhaust in both cars, it was,in theory, easy.  Disconnect the trailing arm mounts, the upper control arm, the shock towers, the brake lines, and the subframe.

The devil is always in the details. We got it done

Here is the whole rear end from the Minnow waiting to go into the new car.


This is important because we want to keep our springs, shocks, sway bar, and adjustable upper control arms.  Basically between the front and the rear ends we had the minnow set up pretty dang well.  Now we’ll have all that in a straight frame.

Here are Tedd and Dennis lifting the subframe into place in the new car.


With the rear brake transplant we finally got all the dot5 brake fluid flushed out of there.

Front Suspension Transplant

Today, Jason, Tedd, and I worked on the new accord.  We took the knuckles, shocks, springs and brakes of the Minnow and put them on the new accord.  We then put the new car’s parts onto the Minnow. It was a huge amount of work and I am exhausted.  I didn’t take any pictures.

Next we will do the same for the back.  We’ll just take the whole rear subframe out of both and swap them.  It’s sounds simple but it’ll be a lot of work.  At that point we will have our preferred suspension setup.  I’m holding out for the possibility that we could race at the Thunderhill 5 mile course on May 19 and 20.  It seems unlikely though.  Tedd understandably wants to get the extra car out of his yard and Jason can’t make the May race.  So we will probably just scavenge all the good parts off the Minnow and get rid of it.  We are thinking that if we keep the engine, we can rebuild it at our leisure.  While racing with the “new” engine.

Here is the ToDo list for now.



We bought a new car sunday.  It is a 1993 Honda Accord LX.  It is straight, much lower mileage (about 170k) and is already stripped and caged.


Get this, it’s street legal and registered.  We bought it from a guy in Pleasant Hill and I drove it back to Tedd’s.  It was loud.  It has a coffee can exhaust.  I’ll be looking forward to installing our exhaust on it.


We are planning, before the next race, to swap out all the supsension parts, including the adjustable parts, the shocks, the springs, and the hubs with the CL brakes.  On the rear we’ll probably just swap out the whole rear subframe, which will include the big rear swaybar.

Later we will swap in our transmission with the LSD and short gears and keep the old engine as a spare, or perhaps we will rebuild the old engine!  The temptation for forged internals, higher compression, a hot cam will be tough to resist, but also tough to afford.  If we don’t have time to swap the tranny before the race, I am worried about the clutch.  It feels stock and old.  No doubt there is lots of work to be done, but now we have a path forward for doing it.