Dennis rocked it

He beat Tedd’s fast lap from yesterday with a 2:24.9!!  He’s putting in consistent sub 2:30 laps.


We got Derek in the car and he is doing well too.  We’re in 59th place.  He’s doing 2:27s.  I’m afraid I’ll be the slowest driver at this race since everyone else is doing so well.

Alternator adjustment bracket


Race started at 9am.  At about 8:45 Dennis started it up to drive to the grid for the start.  The alternator belt screamed like a stuck pig.  So we went to work.  The adjustment bracket had come loose and fallen off.  So it was time to fake it.  We tried to make a strap of plumbers tape to hold it up, but for the last few degrees of adjustment the alternator sort of cammed out so that wasn’t going to work.  We tried to wedge it in place.  Finally we just pulled it tight and cranked the main mounting bolt super tight.  We’ll have to do that on every stop.

We are in 61st place.  Dennis is putting in consistent laps around and just under 2:30.  Next driver is Derek and we expect that switch in about 25 minutes.

Saturday at Arse-Sweat-Apalooza

The race started at 10am.  Tedd drove first. The track went green after just a lap or two.  Tedd set our fast lap of the day on the 5th lap.  2:25.5.  He also got a black flag and then didn’t see if for laps before coming in.  He had passed under yellow.  Later he came in again on his own because he had been passing someone as the yellow came out, but they hadn’t seen it and they appreciated that he was being careful.  Tedd came in at about 11:45.

Our first pit stop went quite well.  I had made some scripts up so each of us had a job.  We got in and out very quickly.  Derek went second and I was so relived that he got his chance to drive this time.  Derek’s times started around 2:40 and got steadily faster until he put in a whole series of laps about 2:33.  He did come in and complain about a shaking. We couldn’t figure it out.  I was with Lara and Ewan eating and missed it.  Tedd told him to come back in if it got worse.  He finished his stint, and we had another good stop and we tightened the left axle nut.  That seemed to calm the vibration somewhat.  But after only about one hour and ten minutes Dennis came in and said it was shaking bad.  When he came in we were in 28th place overall 11th in class!  We tightened the nut again and pinched it better.  Dennis said he was feeling nauseated from the heat so I suited up as fast as I could and got in there for my turn.  The shaking was bad and got worse after about 5 laps.  So I came in and Tedd did the same thing while I sat in the car and sweat.  I went back out for another 3 laps or so but it was getting unmanageable and  so bad that even under just enough throttle to climb a slight incline it was shaking badly.   So I came in and we were finished for the day.  Lucky I had bought a complete half shaft because we determined the the left one was done.  It was all crunchy when you tried to turn it.  We did not get back out under green flag on Saturday.  At the end of the day we were in 63rd overall.

We decided we probably needed a new bearing.  So while Tedd and I dissassembled the left side Dennis and Derek drove into town for a new bearing.  We borrowed a bearing puller from out neighbors but still couldn’t get it off the hood so send Derek and Dennis back out for a hub/bearing combo.  Tedd and I started putting the new axle in and found the splines on the inside weren’t long enough.  So we had to take that part of the old axle and put it on the the new axle.  The splines are on the same part that is the race for the inner CV.  We are lucky it fit and that the race wasn’t all chewed up.  After that Tedd and I ate at Wong’s Chinese.  Dennis and Derek ended up having to drive to Anderson to get the part and it was soooooo much more expensive that it would have been from rockauto.

We spent an hour at least hammering the bearing onto the hub. Then toiled away in the dark getting it all back together again.  I finally got to my room around 11pm.  We still have to torque the axle nut and check the toe.  Race starts at 9 this morning.

msb fixing left

I have to pack up my hotel room and get back to the track now.


So Hot


After we passed tech,  got our transponder installed,  and got our gear inspected there wasn’t much to do but sit in the shade and sweat.  Ewan and I did that for a while and decided to retreat to our hotel room and it’s A/C.

Dennis and Derek arrived in time to get their gear inspected.   The Lara arrived abs we all meet at Linda’s Elk Grove Diner for dinner.

We’re here.

Ewan and I got to thunderhill.   We are waiting for the gates to open so we can get a shady spot. says it is 98deg F.  This is the hottest 98 I’ve ever felt.


After a torturous wait in the blazing heat they let’s us all in.   We got a spot under the canopy.  Shade!

We’re here.

Ewan and I got to thunderhill.   We are waiting for the gates to open so we can get a shady spot. says it is 98deg F.  This is the hottest 98 I’ve ever felt.


After a torturous wait on the blazing heat they let’s us all in.   We got a spot under the canopy.  Shade!

She’s Alive… ALIVE!

This morning Ewan and I arrived and bled the clutch system backwards and forwards.  There were no bubbles in the system.  Then I got in their upside down with my head by the pedals and started fiddling with the clutch.  I got it adjusted to it’s maximum extension. Literally a few more turns and it would have fallen apart.  I snuged it back together and we gave it a try.  Still no good.  It was still very hard to get it into gear with the engine running and the clutch in, but it was maybe only half as bad as it had been.  Clearly that was some progress.  The clutch pedal still had too much slack before it started disengaging.  So we ordered new master and slave cylinders.  $50 with expedited shipping from rockauto our source for nearly all our parts.  But those won’t arrive until tuesday or wednesday and that would leave us so very little time if they didn’t help.

So I had an idea.  We ran out of adjustment and the pedal slack was still out of spec, and the slave cylinder throw was still less than we needed.  I needed a bit more adjustment.  So there is a bracket that screws onto the end of the master cylinder rod and also is attached to the clutch pedal arm with a pin.  You can loosen the lock nut and turn the rod to adjust it.  I had already run it all the way out so just barely enough threads were engaged.  We needed just a bit more.  So I again went under there and did my contortionist act and got the bracket out.  Ewan and I went to OSH and got a long bolt and a few nuts with matching threads.  We used the bolt to hold the nut on the back of the bracket but not tight.  Tedd tack welded the nut on the bracket.   Viola, about 3/8″ more threads to work with!

After act 3 of my contortionist act and the hardest I got it back together.  We fired it up and it shifted!  Like hot knife through butter.  The we cleaned up and did a few other little things like removing the baffle from the fuel filler so we can re-fuel faster.  Only a few things left to do and we are ready!



We had a whole team work day today.  Thank you Derek and Dennis for helping out.  I made up a long To Do list and we went after it.  I put together the right side and Dennis and Derek put together the timing belt cover and the exhaust and a variety of other things.  Ewan cleaned all the crap out of the car and cleaned parts.  We also got water and oil in it.

We finally got it ready to start.  And it did start, which was a great thing on its own.  But the timing belt was making slapping noises, so Denis and Derek opened that back up and worked on setting the tensioners right.  Upon restart we found it was terribly hard to get it into gear.  Tedd drove it around the block and reported that shifting while moving was possible but hard.  When sitting still and the motor running it would almost not go into gear at all. We fiddled and troubleshot and I posted some panicked inquiries on  We decided that the clutch wasn’t fully disengaging.  Both Derek and Ewan took a shot at adjusting it.  Now we have a car that won’t shift and less than 2 weeks to the race!

I’m spending my evening researching the hell out of clutches and shifting problems in cb7 accords.  I have to say that EricTheCarGuy on youtube rocks.

Much Left To Do

We got the LSD in the new transmission.  We got the transmission back in.  Tedd did the timing belt.  I got some missing bolts from the picknpull.  All of that was squeezed in between a boy scout backpacking trip which nearly killed me, the marin county fair, and a trip to central California.

We had hoped to mix and match gears.  I had come up with a scheme using gears from both transmissions to make a great racing close ratio box with a final top speed of only about 120, and with 3rd, 4th, and 5th super close and all usable.  Our last tranny was practically 3rd gear all the time, especially at thunderhill.  BUT once we got in there the gears had non-symetrical spacers as part of the gears, so there is no way that you could but a tall 3rd in place of a 4th, and a tall 4th in place of a fifth without tons of custom machining and fab work.  Really too bad.  Oh well.  Our new trans does have closer gears and lower final drive.

When we opened up the old transmission we found what went wrong.  One of the bearings on the end of the countershaft was so completely destroyed that it looked like a bowl of polished pebbles.

We have an all hands work day this Saturday so we can get it all together and ready for a test drive.  God I hope it runs and runs well.