Sunday Videos

These are the videos from Sunday.

Dennis drove first.  He had a great drive.  He stayed right ahead of the other ’93 Accord for about 20 minutes.  Their car is faster but Dennis was doing such a great job navigating through traffic they couldn’t catch us.  You can’t really see that in our video unless you watch the rear view for a green and white car very carefully.

Anyway we started the day in 67th, I guess due to the start order or somthing.  Dennis wrapped up his stint in 59th.

This is Team Takata R&D’s video during the same time following Dennis from 0:33 until about 19:00.


Tedd drove next.  We managed to get Tedd out quickly enough that he started in 61st.  He finished his drive in 50th.  We’ve finished several races in 50th or 49th, so this was our chance to do better.


Then Jason.   Our stops got slower.  We started refueling at the pump and that takes lots of extra time.  Jason started in 55th and finished in 44th!  Woohoo!


Finally it was my turn.  I felt like I had a great drive.  I was much quicker than Saturday morning.  I started in 50th and finished in 42 overall 14th in B class.

Saturday Videos

We got most of it.  We did run out of SD card space in Jason’s drive and missed some of it.  The rest is here.

Mike driving the Notorious RBG 1993 Honda Accord for PicknPull Racing. First green lap of the race I went off (14:22). Later I started hearing a cluck under braking (35:40) and had to go in for repair. After the second stop we were in 104th out of about 112 that started. Finished my drive in 88th.  There is nothing to brag about here except that I did not break the car.  I was slow and got two black flags.  I was much better on Sunday.


Tedd driving the Notorious RBG 1993 Accord for PicknPull Racing at Buttonwillow on September 29, 2018. He started his drive in 93rd and finished it in 76th.  Tedd’s fast lap during this drive was 2:26.


The it was Dennis and he was faster than Tedd or me.  He started in 91st and finished in 58th.  We need to be faster at driver changes.  Dennis’ fast lap was 2:23.9.


Then Jason had his turn and set a whole bunch of blistering fast laps.  Jason started in 71st and finished in 53rd.  Jason’s fast lap was 2:23.8.  He came in after his 90 minutes but we still had a lot of time to finish out the day.  So we sent him out again for a while.


Tedd finished up the day with a short but eventful drive. He and the Takata R&D 1993 Accord managed to bang into each other in the entrance to the Riverside corner. It broke their rear suspension and sent Tedd sideways through the dust.  Our car was fine minus a bit of bent sheet metal and a ton of dirt.