Got The Frame Back Together

Well I got it all back together.  It was not easy.  I had to balance it on both jacks to lift it into place.  Then I had to move it around until I could get one of the bolts started, then move it around more until I could get a bolt on the other side in.  With the steering rack bolted onto this huge hunk of frame it was HEAVY.  After snugging it back up I started re-assembling the suspension on each side.


After that was mostly done I realized I had not attached the steering column while it was still loose and moveable.  So I loosened the steering column and then with my head in the foot well my feet on the seatback I contorted until I got it reconnected.  I could have really used Ewan’s help, but lately he isn’t interested in coming with me.  It’s too bad because he was finally at the point where I could really have him do stuff more than fetching tools.

On the right side I could not get the caster arm to reconnect to the lower control arm.  It just wasn’t going.  In order to get in on I had to loosen all the bolts, disconnect the motor mount and let the frame bit down a bit until I could get the holes on the arm to line up and bolt in on.  Then I had to get the frame bit snugged up again.