To Do

We still aren’t finished.  The final roster is Me, Tedd, Dennis, and Jason.  I hope Tedd’s arm is okay for race day.  Luckily it’s not a super hard car to drive.

This is the official TO DO list:


Most of these are small tasks.  Though the descuzzify part is going to be a fair bit of work.

Getting closer

This weekend we got the screws for the steering wheel. I learned how to weld with a MIG welder and tacked the cutoff switch panel on to the cage. We got the tires mounted. And we fixed the splitter so that it fits the slightly altered new body shape. Jason stopped by to help on Saturday.

Tedd’s arm seems to be on the mend. I hope he is okay to drive. This may be my chance to be faster than him.

Check out how much smaller the tires look. Definitely not the fashion but we will go faster.

Three weeks to go!

Saturday I fabbed up a mount for the cutoff switch.  I also fabbed up an intake for the exhaust which now goes in through the right headlight area and straight back into the airbox.  Ram Air Baby!  That should be worth about 100 hp at speeds over 60.  Right? No?

Saturday, Jason our prospective new team member came by to help with the car.  Yay!

Sunday morning I found a deal on Falken tires.  These will be 205-40-16.  That’s smaller diameter which will give us even lower final drive ratio.  Sunday, Ewan and I set the front toe and camber.  It was great to have Ewan helping again.  I’ve missed that.