To Do


Also left To Do:

  • Install fire system (plumbing, got big tube!)
  • Fix dragging clutch (revealed during test drive)
  • Test drive again
  • replace front rotors
  • Splitter / spoiler
  • Better tow bar bolts
  • Cool seat [heat exchanger |connectors |pump and cooler | mount | finish]
  • Secure bumpers
  • Change the rear calipers and attach the parking brake cable
  • Flush the dot3 with race fluid
  • Bleed clutch slave cylinder
  • Install the right brake duct
  • Make new harness and install the O2 sensor
  • Patch the cone filter
  • Install the steering bellows
  • Align
  • Patch the firewall holes
  • Install the roll cage padding
  • Install new harness bar
  • Install new belts
  • Buy fire protection system
  • Install fire protection system
  • Check Set camber front and rear
  • Check caster
  • Secure the gauges
  • Install the clock
  • Mount the tow bar (at mitch’s now)
  • Check/fill the trans fluid
  • Change the oil/filter
  • Bolt in intake pipe
  • Clean it out, clean up “shop”
  • Pack van

Theme To Do:

  • Order the vinyl words and numbers
  • Order the big RBG vinyl sticker
  • Paint the lace
  • Apply the pic, words, and numbers

Paint it Black

Today we had a painting party.  Jason, Tedd, Lara (my wife), Ewan (my son), and I all participated.  First we washed the whole car using green scrubbies as sponges and then rinsed.  We masked the glass, and the rubber trim, and a few other bits.  Then using black rustoleum (half flat and half semi-gloss since they didn’t have satin in stock) and a bit of white, we rollered the whole exterior.IMG_6720



The thinned rustoleum is supposed to flow enough that it dries smooth, but it was hot today and in the sun the paint was drying almost instantly leaving roller marks everywhere.  It ain’t pretty, but it’s black.

We decided not to take the masking off yet.  Once it is really dry, we may want a bit more on there  in a few spots.

Out With The Old…

On Saturday I got a little done.  The new stainless steel brake lines are the wrong ones.  So I couldn’t do that.  I got working on the brake cooling ducts.  Tedd suggested that I not connect the intake scoops to the bumper cover so we can take it on and off easily.  It was a good idea.  So I set about plumbing them in.  I used some light sheet metal to make some collars around the ends of the tubing.  It seems that the wire that gives it its structure like to tear out.  The collars should hold them together and prevent wear.  I got one side in and it should be fairly good.

On Sunday while I was at the Marin County Fair with my wife and son, Tedd got ambitious!  He pulled the old transmission (technically transaxel) from the car.