The Minnow Is Stripped

Today, Dennis, Tedd, and I worked hard and got the motor out of the Minnow.  After disconnecting everything we actually lifted it out of there and onto the front of the car.   Then we mounted it on the engine stand.


There is really nothing left in here that we want.


Tedd’s going to have someone come this week and haul the carcass away.  Here it sits back on the same wheels and tire that it had when we bought it in 2014.


I’ve mostly finished cleaning up the wiring in the new car.  Dennis is going to fab up a metal plate based on my cardboard mock-up.











More progress

Today Tedd and I played musical cars.  He’d re-arragned everything to get the trailer out because he raced the weekend before last at Thunderhill in his Alfa.  So got his not-working street Alfa onto the trailer and the trailer backed into it’s spot which let us move Minnow up onto the flat work area.   We found that someone had not re-attached teh shock at the bottom to the left lower rear control arm.  That was bad and we had to fix that.  After shuffling cars around we got on a bunch of other little tasks done.

  • I got the seat out of the Minnow
  • I got the belts out of the Minnow
  • I got the kill switch and battery relocate wiring out of the Minnow and partially installed in the new car
  • Tedd pulled the alternator from the Minnow
  • Tedd took out the weirdly installed heater core and looped the hoses
  • I bolted down the good battery in the passenger area of the new car

Tomorrow Dennis is coming to help.  I want to finish the wiring issues in the new car.  I hope Tedd and Dennis can work together on pulling the motor/trans from the Minnow.