Starter and header

Ewan and I were at the car on Sunday.  We installed the new starter motor and it started right up.  Yay!  We also decided to tackle the header.  Before our first race I picked up a exhaust header off an Accord EX for about $50 at the pick n pull.  It has sat out behind Tedd’s house since then.  So we got the header off.   Some of those nuts were really really really tight.  But the downpipe was still in.  I also pulled the cruise control unit out so I could better access the power steering reservoir that I think is the source of the leak.

I went back the next day, Monday, when Lara and Ewan were hanging with some friends.  I got the down pipe off and measured the various ins and outs to figure out what sort of adapter might be needed.

Tuesday I went shopping and got new oil, steering fluid, and the adaptor that I think we need to attach the cut header downpipe to the old header downpipe so it can bolt onto the catalytic converter.  Tedd says he will bring a muffler to replace our stock unit with.

With the exhaust out I have a much clearer shot at the AC compressor which is probably at least 20 lbs of dead weight on the front of the motor.  I think I’ll take it off now.  I’ll have to order a new alternator belt.

I have to work today, but tomorrow and this weekend I hope to get much more done.  Though I welcome the rain, I wish it were a bit warmer.

LeMons Aid

On December 5 Ewan and I went to the LeMons race at Sears Point, not to race but to help with a new charity program called LeMons Aid.  The LeMons folks invited people from the local community who couldn’t afford to fix their cars to come in and get them fixed for free.  We went on a parts run to get an oil filter.  We changed someone’s oil.  I’m afraid it didn’t help much.  After draining the blackest sludge from this v6, we refilled and after 3 quarts it was over full.  We drained a little and it came out black.  That engine should have taken much more than 3 quarts.  It was totally full of sludge.  We changed the brake disks and pads on a Honda Odyssey because they had warped rotors.  It was great fun to use the resources at the race to help these folks.

After, we stayed and watched the racing for a while.