To Do


Also left To Do:

  • Install fire system (bottle and pull cable installed)
  • Fix dragging clutch (revealed during test drive)
  • Test drive again
  • replace front rotors
  • Splitter / spoiler
  • Cool seat [heat exchanger |connectors |pump and cooler | mount]
  • Secure bumpers
  • Change the rear calipers and attach the parking brake cable
  • Flush the dot3 with race fluid
  • Bleed clutch slave cylinder
  • Install the right brake duct
  • Make new harness and install the O2 sensor
  • Patch the cone filter
  • Install the steering bellows
  • Align
  • Patch the firewall holes
  • Install the roll cage padding
  • Install new harness bar
  • Install new belts
  • Buy fire protection system
  • Install fire protection system
  • Check Set camber front and rear
  • Check caster
  • Secure the gauges
  • Install the clock
  • Mount the tow bar (at mitch’s now)
  • Check/fill the trans fluid
  • Change the oil/filter
  • Bolt in intake pipe
  • Clean it out, clean up “shop”
  • Pack van

Theme To Do:

  • Order the vinyl words and numbers
  • Order the big RBG vinyl sticker
  • Paint the lace
  • Apply the pic, words, and numbers

An Eventful Week

Tedd towed the RBG (or should we call her Ruth) up to Mitch’s Muffler Works shop for Mitch to install a new harness bar and a tow bar.  I didn’t torque the lug nuts the last time I put the wheels on.  The left front wheel came off just as he got to Mitch’s.  The rotor is a little chewed up and the wheel/tire mashed up the fender.  The lower ball joint has no sign of contact with the ground.

I arranged for Miguel at Golden Gate Collision (right next to Muffler Works) to pull the fender out and he did an excellent job on the cheap.  Thanks Miguel!!!20180916_111932_hdr

Mitch did get us a new harness bar and did the tow bar mounting points the right way.  Thanks Mitch!!!



Saturday was Ewan’s birthday party.  We went to Driven raceway in Rohnert Park.  Fun.  I’m still sore.

Sunday Jason and I worked on the car.  We mounted the fire bottle and installed the pull cable for it.  We adapted (cut with a sawsall) the bumper cover to fit over the tow bar.  And we experimented with mounting locations for the cool seat cooler.  It looks like the splitter mounts we spent all last Sunday on will still work with the tow bar in place.

Tedd needs two new tires for the tow van.  The two on the south side (the way he parks it) are dried out.20180916_111618_hdr


Splitter, Odds, and Ends

Jason and I worked on Sunday to install the splitter.  I used flat stock bolted into threaded holes already in the body to support it.  We still need to add the air dam above the splitter and below the intakes.  Now I have to make a rear spoiler to balance the splitter.  Lucky that that is easy.  This is probably superfluous, but Buttonwillow has several high-speed turns and the team consensus was that the Minnow was steadier through turn 1 at Thunderhill.


I got the fire suppression system yesterday.  Very cool.



I also received the cooler and dish drainer for the CoolSeat.  I should post a photo for the seatback heat exchanger.  It was a huge amount of hand sewing effort.  The cool seat system will have a sump pump modified for this application in an Igloo cooler.  We’ll fill the cooler with water and ice.  The pump will pump the water through an array of tygon tubes in the heat exchanger which will be between the seat and the driver’s back.

Tedd just towed the RBG to Mitch’s for the harness bar.  We are hoping that the nice stainless exhaust piping with catalyst attached and a terrible fart can (the stuff that came with the car), will encourage him to do the work.

Starting to Get Nervous

I was just thinking about how many parts of this new car we have worked on.  Since we bought this car, we’ve replaced the transaxle, the clutch, the flywheel, the front and rear suspension, the front and rear brakes, and the fluids. I’ve rewired the cutoff switch and relocated the battery and installed cooling ducts for the brakes.  Every one of these things is something that we could have done slightly or wildly wrong.  So many ways it could fail!

We also have some direct competition expected at Buttonwillow.  There is a guy on called Aventari (I think his real name is Kevin).  Their theme is Takata R&D (Takata is the company that made the killer airbags).  He and his team have been racing a ’93 Accord in Lemons for a bit longer that we have.  We’ve never met in a race.  We’ve made similar levels of development to our cars, but they have the F22A6 motor which was recently refreshed.  That would give them a power advantage over ours.  I was watching their videos from their last Buttonwillow race to get a feel for the track.  They look fast.

I just hope we don’t break.

Paint it Black

Today we had a painting party.  Jason, Tedd, Lara (my wife), Ewan (my son), and I all participated.  First we washed the whole car using green scrubbies as sponges and then rinsed.  We masked the glass, and the rubber trim, and a few other bits.  Then using black rustoleum (half flat and half semi-gloss since they didn’t have satin in stock) and a bit of white, we rollered the whole exterior.IMG_6720



The thinned rustoleum is supposed to flow enough that it dries smooth, but it was hot today and in the sun the paint was drying almost instantly leaving roller marks everywhere.  It ain’t pretty, but it’s black.

We decided not to take the masking off yet.  Once it is really dry, we may want a bit more on there  in a few spots.