We got the rotors off and the new rotors on!  This sounds like an easy task but these old Accords have an odd hub-over-rotor design.  This means that in order to remove the rotors you have to remove the whole hub/wheel bearing assembly.  Usually the bearing comes apart leaving the inner bearing race on the hub, so you have to replace the bearing at the same time.  Our bearings are only one race old so we didn’t want to do that.  Luckily Tedd put liberal amounts of lithium grease between the inner bearing race and the hub when we did this last time and they came right apart.  Yay!  During this process it became obvious that we need new pads.  Bummer.

Back in the Saddle

Well we’ve been on hiatus since Thunderhill.  We have the funds coming for the parts we need and Tedd got the new rotors.  So today Ewan and I went over there and put the new rotors on.  On many cars this would be a simple task but on these Accords it is not.  It has a hub over rotor design which means you have to take the hub/bearing off with the rotors.  It takes a while.  Luckily we’ve taken it all apart before many times so it is well understood and the bolts are not frozen in place with 200,000 miles of rust and heat cycles.  We still had to use a cheater bar on some of the bolts.

We also put some power steering fluid in and looked for the leak.  I think we found it.  I believe it is where one of the hoses connects to the fluid reservoir.  I hope it’s the hose and not a cracked reservoir.  Tomorrow maybe I’ll take it out and inspect it carefully while Ewan is doing Boy Scout stuff.