Starting to Get Nervous

I was just thinking about how many parts of this new car we have worked on.  Since we bought this car, we’ve replaced the transaxle, the clutch, the flywheel, the front and rear suspension, the front and rear brakes, and the fluids. I’ve rewired the cutoff switch and relocated the battery and installed cooling ducts for the brakes.  Every one of these things is something that we could have done slightly or wildly wrong.  So many ways it could fail!

We also have some direct competition expected at Buttonwillow.  There is a guy on called Aventari (I think his real name is Kevin).  Their theme is Takata R&D (Takata is the company that made the killer airbags).  He and his team have been racing a ’93 Accord in Lemons for a bit longer that we have.  We’ve never met in a race.  We’ve made similar levels of development to our cars, but they have the F22A6 motor which was recently refreshed.  That would give them a power advantage over ours.  I was watching their videos from their last Buttonwillow race to get a feel for the track.  They look fast.

I just hope we don’t break.