End of Saturday 62nd Place

It’s really hard to live blog these things.  There’s always something better to be doing.  Jason went first and did great in the rain.  The rain stopped completely about an hour into the race.  Jason kept out of trouble and went from somewhere in the 40s to 17th place!  Then he had to come in and we lost a lot of places.  The right rear lugs were coming loose.  Tedd went next and was fast.  He had a 2:09.9.  But he also got black flagged for passing under yellow, and had a little contact that went unreported and did not draw a flag.  Dennis went next and recorded a 2:08.9!  He did spin at one point and had to go in for another black flag. 

I went last.  The track still had wet spots, and I was pretty tentative at first.  But after a bit I found my groove and was making good time.  I had just a few laps that were mostly unobstructed and with no yellows.  The guys say that I had a 2:10 and change.  That’s great for me!  The car is just really nicely balanced so you can push it pretty hard and slide it around.  The track seemed to have variable traction.  I notices that there were persistant wet spots that everyone was trying to avoid, like in the middle of the track in turn 1.  So people were taking the inside or outside line.  Inside was faster but the outside could set you up for a turn 2 inside pass.  The inside of turn 5 stayed wet but the grip there was good enough. 

There were several cars out there that were unusually slow, really sort of dangerously slow.  Two that come to mind were Korean, I think a Hyundai and a Daihatsu or something.  Early in my drive I was in the middle of a huge crowd of cars from medium to very fast and up ahead was a bottleneck.  I think it was a few of these super slow cars racing each other.  I’m sure it was good fun for them, but it was really crazy in the mess behind them.  Then there were some localized yellows alternating with white flags (under which you may pass as long as you pass the tow trucks slowly and with lots of space).  So you’d have a bunch of cars lining up to get past the tow truck and then some cars are blasting past and cutting in.  It was crazy.  Eventually the logjam broke and things eventually evened out.

There were a few laps here and there where I had a clear run for much of a lap.  But I guess I made ok time.  We finished the day in 62nd.  We buttoned it all up after finishing up the day’s racing.  I wasn’t a huge help I was pretty dazed. 

I’m going to drive first tomorrow morning.


We didn’t stay in the top 20. Jason came in for us to fix a rattling noise and it was a loose lug nut. Then once the track dried out in the rain stopped the fast cars started passing us like crazy. Somewhere along the way Tedd got a black flag. We are in about 66th place now and I’m starting to suit up to go out there and take the last drive of the day.