Why Our Car Wouldn’t Go

The clutch went boom!


BTW, we ended up in 76th.  I got to Tedd’s about 12:30 today and was done at 4.  So it took me, with a fair bit of help from Tedd, 3.5 hours to remove the clutch.  At the track with 4 of us crowding in we might have done that in 2.5 hours.  Add 2 more hours to put in a new clutch (assuming we could have bought one at the car parts store in town, which is possible) we could have possibly gotten it back together for maybe 1 lap.  If we could have shaved 20 minutes off of that we might have had enough time to have finished in 75th.  I’m glad we went home.  This way we don’t end up with an autozone special as our clutch.