Passed Tech, B class 0 Laps

I had some delays getting there and had to elbow my way into a spot. People parking their cars, trailers, RVs, in  the paddock has gotten way out of hand. 

I got the car through tech and BS inspection.  We passed as usual.  I got our suits inspected, got our car sticker and transponder, and got my drivers band.  The transponder is a new type and didn’t fit the old mounting point we had so I had to improvise.

We checked the alignment and there is more camber than we normally run but I just didn’thave the energy to adjust it.  The toe was near perfect.  Dennis arrived in the afternoon. We bled the brakes.  We still have our camera crew following us around. I was wearing a wireless mic today.

We are expecting rain tonight.   There is a 50% chance of rain through 8 or 9, then a 15% chance until about 3pm.  After that it should be dry the rest of the weekend.

Tech Tomorrow. Will it Rain?

It has been raining the last few days.  Yesterday we had 2″ near my home.  Today it has rained another 0.3″.  

Tomorrow I will tow the car up to Sears Point, setup our paddock spot, and get the car through Tech and BS inspections.  Right now the forecast says it might rain more today and tonight.  Tomorrow during the day it will be dry, but we are looking at a 30% chance of rain until about noon on Saturday.  The race starts at 10am.  Sunday looks dry with the next rain not expected until Monday night.  It looks like it will be 50 to 55 deg F Saturday during the race hours, and 40 to 55 deg F on Sunday.

Movie Stars

Today we got the ignition bits replaced, re-wired the cool/warm seat switch, secured the intake and filter, oiled the filter, loaded the van, and got filmed by some guys who are making a short documentary for a video journalism class at SF State.  My son Ewan was a big help.  He cleaned our mess and loaded the van.

Looks like we are ready to race, but it doesn’t seem like it.  I wonder what is missing?

Rain Delay

Yesterday and the day before (Thanksgiving) it rained like hell.  Actually it was fantastic.  For weeks we’ve been breathing the burnt remains of Paradise.  The air has been so clean since Tuesday evening.  It is such a relief.  But you can’t work on a car in the pouring rain. 

So today Jason and I got the rear Konis installed and I swapped the spark plugs for new ones.  Tomorrow we have to retrieve the van, organize our stuff, load the van, bleed the brakes, check and set the alignment,re-wire the cool seat switch, check the front pads, check the trans oil, and several other misc tasks.

In other news, some art students want to make a lemons documentary and I volunteered us.  So they will be there tomorrow to film us prepping.

Race In Less Than 2 Weeks!

Our next race is December 1 and 2, Sonoma Raceway at Sears Point.  Our only change this time is new shock absorbers.  Video from the Buttonwillow race from the other Accord showed our car bouncing around like it was underdamped.  I guess our springs were a bit too much for the Koni oranges. So we got Koni Sports this time.  They’re adjustable.  They’re pretty cheaty, but we’re still not going to win anything.

Saturday I installed the two on the front.  You can see, I didn’t even bother to paint them black.  The lemons judges have never looked under our fenders.