Sick sucks

Saturday, Sunday, Monday wasted.  Tuesday worked on the car.  Mostly disconnecting stuff from the engine and labeling it carefully.  Ewan did some painting.  Wednesday sick again.  Merry Christmas. Still sick.  Pumped up on cold drugs.  Stuck inside.  A whole week of time off going to waste.

It’s pink.

I did other things today.  I used a wire brush to scrub some rusty parts of the body.  I used the hot-pink rustoleum in a rattle can as a primer on the bare metal and formerly rusty bits.  I took off the rear bumper cover and Tedd hammered the corner of the bumper a bit straighter.  I got the bumper cover back on and more secure than before with the help of some zipties.  I removed more rattle-y loose bits.

We rolled on the light pink paint over nearly all the body.  With blue skies above it sprinkled on the wet paint for a few minutes.  Oh well.  Another coat and it’s all good.


3 down 5 to go

Those freeze plugs are a total pain.  I’m starting to lean toward pulling the engine.  I got two replaced that were hiding behind the left motor mount, but the one on the back and the one behind the dipstick are nearly impossible.  I haven’t even looked for the three on the right side.

I started a to do list.  It isn’t short.  Ewan scraped all the numbers and decals from the previous owner off the car and Tedd pained the hood and one fender with the first coat of the top secret theme color.  Those foam rollers almost make the paint look too nice.  It isn’t splotchy enough.  Tedd has a friend that he does burning man stuff with, that is going to help with the theme.  Is there a way to make paper machet waterproof?


It rained all the way through Thanksgiving weekend and I had a big work-ish sort of thing I had to work on so I only got one day of work on the lemon.

Today Ewan and I went to a LeMons race at Sears Point (officially Sonoma Raceway these days).  Although it was called Arse-Freeze-Apalooza there was no freezing going on.  It was a tremendous event.  I learned a fair, bit.  Mostly how little prepared we will be.



Got my parts delivery.  I believe we have what we need to conquer the freeze plug problem.  Gonna work on those and put on the wheels tomorrow.  I’d love to get the coolant flushed too.