We still have parts to order, especially pads.  It’s been raining and I’ve been coughing my lungs out.  But I’m better and it looks clear for a while.
Tedd says he installed the brake cooling ducts, but we have to make the intake scoops and anchor the installation.
This weekend I plan to install the new brake bleeders (the old ones are getting a bit rounded from much more frequent use than normal.) I got speed bleeders for the fronts.  They weren’t available for the backs.  I will also flush the brake fluid.   We’ve been using Porterfield 4E pads.  I’ve read that if you can keep the pads we use in their operating temperature range that they will last many times longer than we are getting, but if you exceed their temp they go away pretty fast.  We’d rather not have to buy two sets per race so Tedd got some glorified drier hose (brake cooling duct) and we will plumb it from the bumper to where they blow on the back of the rotors/calipers.  I also hope to grind out the inside skin of all the doors but the driver door.
Today I just bought an engine control unit from a 94 prelude for $59.  The F22A1 engine in the 94-95 base prelude is identical in every way to our engine except the ECU.  Honda claimed 125hp for our car and 135 for the prelude.  So in theory we would get 10hp and less fuel efficiency from the more performance oriented tune of the prelude ECU.  The header and muffler installed before the last race might have gotten us as much as 5hp.  I didn’t feel a difference but I imagined that we weren’t being passed as quickly by the fast cars.  Of course our motor has over 200k miles and probably worn rings (the oil sure gets dirty after one race) so I seriously doubt we’ll get 140hp but every bit helps.
I’ve been contemplating a splitter for the front and a spoiler for the back.  If I did that the cost would be a decent sheet of 3/8″ plywood, some steel plate stock, sheet metal, and misc fittings.  I’ve heard a few teams say that turn 1 at thunderhill got much easier when they added a splitter/spoiler.  Cooling would improve too.

Not much doing

I got this nasty lingering cough.  I’ve had lots of other things going on.  AND it’s been raining every weekend.  Not much accomplished.

Tedd got a replacement tire for the one I flat spotted.  He also got some brake ducting so we can keep those front clamps cooler and use up the pads a little slower.