Brake Ducts

I fabbed up two intakes, for brake cooling ducts, that go in the fog light openings. I finally got to make use of my harbor freight bending brake. I used cardboard from a cereal box, scissors, and tape to make a rough draft of the part I wanted. Then I went home and unfolded it and laid it out. I traced it onto a sheet of aluminum that I had and then thought carefully about how I would fold it and attach it. I had to make tabs on lots of the edges so I could overlap two layers and connect them with a pop-rivet.  I ended up with extra overlap in some spots and not enough in others.  I did the left one first and got it to fit quite well, after some field re-adjustments, but it was pretty rough with re-folds etc. Then I brought that home and copied it in mirror image to make the right side and it came out much nicer.

This one has been fitted to the bumper already.  Driver’s side.  I’ll use the rivits to attach it to the bumper.


This one has the tabs ready to bend to fit it’s hole. Right side




caliper before

So last weekend I rebuilt the left front caliper.  The boot around the cylinder was torn and melted onto the side of the piston.  I figured that can’t be good.  I got two sealsm, two boots, and two pistons planning to rebuild both.  After getting it apart and cleaning it I found that putting the cylinder back in such that the boot is fully in place is not easy.  I tore the first boot.  I got good and got it right my second try.  An inspection of the right caliper revealed no signs of over heating.  It stays as is.

caliper afer
This weekend my teammate Tedd moved the seatbottom forward to get closer to the pedals, a bit higher, and a bit more reclined.

Before our first race I took out all the plastic plumbing and boxes etc that were upstream of the air filter on the intake. I used some 3″ dryer hose to get air from under the right fender. Before our second race, I took out the right front turn light and blocked up a space in the top of the fender well. I figured that we’d get a little ram-air effect. Yesterday I took out the right front headlight. I’m going to use my newly acquired sheet metal skills to make an intake scoop in place of the headlight. Hopefully we will improve our intake pressure a bit. By the way those headlight brackets are in there good with hard to reach screws. I won’t be putting that light back in.