Waitlisted for Sonoma in December :-(

I know I should include more photos.  I never think of it while working on the car.

We were waitlisted for the Arse-Freeze Aplaooza race on the first week of December.  That race always has more entries than slots but we’ve always gotten in.  But I guess we no longer have the correct combination of car crappiness and theme coolness to get in.  Ewan is pushing me to make the car into a Rick and Morty theme.  We’ll do that for 2018.

I got the new cut off switch wired up and the battery relocated.  But unfortunately the clamp on cable terminals don’t grip the cables well enough.  I’ going to have to try something else.  But it did start up just fine.  I still have to wire the ignition through the cutoff switch though for it to shut off properly.  We needed the new switch because the old one was just a simple switch that cut off power from the battery and alternator and killed the motor.  But the alternator continues to turn for a bit while the motor comes to a stop and this can cause a huge voltage spike in the alternator.  We’ve burned up one and I don’t want to loose one in the middle of a race.  So our new switch is an alternator saver switch that provides a path for that voltage spike to go to ground.

Still to do: fire suppression system, tires, check and fix the alignment