Throwing good money after bad?


We got the cross threaded crown nut off this lower ball joint.  I need to pickup a new crown nut 12×1.25 threads and we need to get a die on that bolt and clean it up.


It’s got a great cage and is well prepped.




Look at those welds and that spreader plate.


I overlooked getting some overall pictures.  Oops.

After getting it on jack stands I took off the wheels.  One of the rear lugs was way overtightened.  It sheared right off.  So we got the hub off and hammered the stud out, bought a new one at the Autozone for $1.99, hammered it in and got it back on there.

I’m going to see if I can get it smogged and registered.  I know it will fail because there is a crack in the exhaust manifold, but if I can talk him into testing it I can decide if it is worth registering it.  It could be street legal!


If it is close to passing we’ll replace this manifold.  Maybe with a proper header.  I posted on this site for help with some of these questions:

After that we have the quest for tires.  We have those 225/45/17 Dunlop Direzzas.  If we can get those on this car the handling would be phenomenal.  We’re working on what offset wheels will fit.  The Accord has this really odd looking rear suspension.  It’s hard to describe but it makes me wonder how fat a tire will fit.  The backspace can’t be too big or it will rub on the suspension or too small or it will rub the fenders during cornering.  We’ll either find some 17x7s for these tires or will get some 15×6 wheels and get some smaller performance tires.

Car Swapping Madness

So on friday night I put the Mustang on Craigslist with a pretty funny ad.

 I have an 86 Mustang GT… that has some issues.  The interior is stripped out.  The motor ran like crap.  The electrical is kaput.  It looks like it’s been in about 3 accidents, or one really bad one.  It has a badly installed roll cage.  The only seat in the car is a bit of a torture device.  It only has one working light on the whole car.  And to top it all off it’s painted pink… with house paint.  


It has a 9″ rear end, and the 5 bolt conversion, and sweet brakes all the way around.  

I do have the title, but it was never transferred to me and the car is not registered.  The wheels and tires shown are not included.  

So basically what I’m saying is that if you want some of my cool parts the only price that you have to pay is to come haul this thing away ASAP.  If someone doesn’t take it away fast, I’ll probably haul it to the dump.  

You’re still reading!   You’re either mad or bored.  So here’s the story.  This heap is the result of months of weekends work trying to get it running for the upcoming LeMons race at sears point.  It was going to be painted pink and made to look like a pig.  It died on the first test drive and we’ve decided that to make the race we had to abandon this car in favor of a car that is ready to go.  Let this be a cautionary tale to any fools out there that want to run a LeMons car.  If you make a Lemons race effort you’ll probably just end up with a failing marriage, an empty bank account, a piece of junk on blocks in your rust, and oil stained driveway.  I hope you’ve learned this lesson, because I haven’t.
Now come haul this thing away.  If you really want it and can’t haul it, contact me anyway, perhaps we could haul it to you.  

I also started shopping seriously for a wheel/tire combo that would allow us to keep the Direzzas that we bought for the stang.  They were about the only valuable thing on there.  Early Saturday I went to Tedd’s and started stripping the ‘stang.  Tedd pitched in.  We got the steering wheel, the wheels, the foam padding, one of the cut off switches, the nifty LED brake light I made, the race seat, the battery, and probably some other stuff.  That morning I had found some wheel/tires in Pleasanton, but Tedd found some right around the corner for an extra $50.  I decided to save the time and drive.  We got the ugly crome wheels with bald tires.  Now we got to keep the cool tires and still roll the stang away.  The wrecker company was supposed to show at 2-2:30pm and our appointment with the Acoord guy was at 4pm.  At 2:30 they said by 3.  At 3:15 we decided to roll the Mustang out of the way so we could get out the trailer.  With visegrips for a steering wheel we pushed that lump of steel around until it was out of the way and then had to drag the trailer out and get it hitched.  We were only a bit late getting to Nimby where the Accord was.  We loaded it up wrote a check and took off.  When we got back Tedd’s tow van wouldn’t start so we had to manually put the trailer back and push the van to a parking spot.  Who says wrenching isn’t good exercise?  I’m gonna be sore tomorrow.  The wrecker completely flaked on us.  Luckily during the drive there and back the craigslist ad started getting results.  As I finish this I’ve got 5 people claiming they’ll be there first thing to tow it away for free.  We’ll see.

One busy weekend

So we did find a viable candidate.  A 1991 Honda Accord that raced in LeMons in March of 2013.  It was the “Middle East Peace Accord.”  Ha!


The ad said it had a cross threaded something or other on the front suspension.  He couldn’t describe it more specifically than that. On Wednesday I went to look at it.  It was stored at a collective workshop called Nimby in deep East Oakland.  Apparently a bunch of Burners use this place to make their creations.  There were two story wood boats mounted on pickups and other fantastic creations.  It looked good and started right up.  It had been banged in the front right corner.  The cage was very professionally done.  It looked nearly ready to go.  I made arrangements to complete the purchase on Saturday morning.

Kicking a dead horse

That was quite a bit of work that went into that cute little mutant pigstang.  We entered the race, paid our non-refundable fees, and were accepted.  If we don’t race that’s all wasted.

I’ve been looking at car ads all over and found a possible 86 Camero in Utah that has recently raced in lemons.  That’s a hell of a long tow back to home base and I haven’t had good luck with 1986 muscle cars.  There are some other good prospects around the country.  It’s a long shot but I’m hoping to find a car that doesn’t need much work and that has raced in LeMons before and has passed tech.  The race is a month away.

The mustang is dead!

Disaster.  We got it all put together, emptied the tools and parts out of it, got in, started it up, and went for a ride.  Immediately on pulling out of the drive it was bad news.  It looses power over about 2000rpm.  It makes bad noises.  But it got worse.  I got halfway around a really short block and it died.  The battery still is good but the electrical just died.  It’s not good.  I wish I’d driven it as soon as we got good wheels and tires, leaks be dammed.  It would have held water long enough for me to learn that it was junk.

Must not despair.


It was a good weekend. It was so warm on Saturday.

Got all the leaks sealed.  Got the fan wired and working right.  Also got the fan and radiator securely mounted.  Tedd welded another bar into the cage.  We fabbed a metal seal around the gas tank filler to replace the rubber factory piece that was deteriorated to dust and cost $40 to replace.

I thought we’d get to take it around the block today, but the muffler is rubbing against the drive shaft.  So new exhaust hangers are on order.

I think next weekend is going to be all about fluids.  Flush the coolant, flush the brakes, check the tranny, lube the chassis.