So Much Going on (Tow Van Stolen!)

So many other things going on.  I got a chance to stop by the car last weekend.  I have enough decabon tubing, the T fitting, and a nozzle.  I measured the window for the net, counted how many washers I’ll need, measured the exhaust pipe diameter, and checked the oil (definitely needs to be changed).

Tedd told me that the race van, the E250 that he and his brother share, was stolen from in front of his brother’s house.  We have no tow vehicle now.  So our Uhaul rental costs just doubled, at least.

This week Ewan is in a school 1 act play called Bottom’s Dream, it is an adaptation of a subplot from a Midsummer Night’s Dream.  Ewan is playing Puck.  I was Lysander in a Midsummer Night’s Dream when I was in 8th grade.

We got tickets to see Harry Potter and the Cursed Child performed at the Curran Theater in SF on November 27 and 29.  We also got tickets to see Hamilton on Dec 6 at the Orpheum.  Both should be amazing. It’s going to be a theater intensive season.

But it’ll reduce my time to work on the car.

To Do

The rules for this race series are largely similar but different in several ways.  so now I have a to do list.

  • Install a second fire suppression nozzle pointed at the driver.  (Will need some decabon tubing and a T fitting)
  • Buy and install a window net
  • Drill 3/16″ inspection hole in the cage
  • Find out if our battery box fits their definition of “sealed battery box”
  • Install 2.5″ washers on all seat and belt mount bolts (our current ones are only 2″)
  • Redirect the exhaust, and consider an additional muffler
  • 4″ numbers on the front and rear bumpers
  • buy a better fueling drip pan
  • Better Tow markers
  • Change the oil
  • Check the trans fluid
  • oil the cone filter
  • rent a tow dolly
  • buy hankook tires per series rules
  • descuzzify and load up


Laguna Seca!

I’m way behind on news, so I am going to cheat and post my news and back date it so it looks like I posted it all when it was relevant. I’m not a journalist.

Lemons does not race at Laguna Seca.  I’ve always wanted to race there.  Lucky Dog Racing, a budget endurance race series similar to Lemons but a bit more upscale, does race there.  Last year I tried to sign up for one of their races and I didn’t click fast enough.  This year I did.  The signup window opened at 12 on November 1.  I misread and thought it was midnight, so at 11:59pm on Halloween I was furiously clicking refresh and getting no results.  At about 12:05 I figured out that the sign up started in 12 hours at noon.  So at 11:59am there I was at work clicking refresh over and over.  I had gone through the sign up process for another race on their website, about three times (stopping before paying) so that every click I had to make was rehearsed.  At noon the LS race appeared on the list and I stomped on the gas.  I made it.  We are in.  Now we have lots to do to adapt our car to the slightly different rules.