Lots more done

We got the exhaust all put back together.  Last week we got the stud out of the exhaust flange but it left it’s threads in there.  He tapped that out and got it reassembled.  We restarted the engine on Sunday and let it run until warm.  No apparent exhaust leaks!  We also filled the power steering and watched forever waiting to find the leak, but no leak.  Weird.  I did an oil change and Tedd started measuring the back of the exhaust for the race muffler he brought over from his Alfa race headquarters.

We still need to flush the coolant and get that muffler on.  Between the header and the muffler I expect we’ll get 5 hp.  I’m hoping for a dry weekend day.  I have some paint touching up to do.

New Windshield


We got the new windshield installed today.  The old one had a crack 3/4 of the way across.  I looked into lexan but was surprised that it would have been more for the material alone that it was to get glass installed.  I took the opportunity to paint the tops of the roll bars while exposed.

Belts and header

Tedd got the downpipe welded onto the flange that connects to the cat, and he welded on the hangar.  It’s great!  Today we got the exhaust almost all bolted up, but one of the studs on the header had buggered threads.  We had to take it back out.  Getting the stud out was really hard and it left some threads in there.  So Tedd’s going to work on using a tap to clean it up.  Cross your fingers.  The power steering belt had to come off to get the new alternator belt on.  Naturally that took longer than it should have.  So many things to loosen…   But now we have just the alternator, sans AC compressor.  That ought to be good for +1 HP.

Dennis says a client/friend of his wants to drive with us.  That would mean enough money to buy new tires!!  BF Goodrich Force Rivals are on closeout at tirerack.com.  I hope we get the $$ in time.

I’m going to order up a new windshield now for installation this week.

The must do list is getting short.  One month to go!!