Got the cross member and a new steering rack

Saturday, Ewan was on a Scout trip and Lara was visiting a friend, so I had a day to myself.  I went to the Pick n Pull in Richmond.  The very first Accord I came to had the transmission already removed.  To do this they had taken off the exhaust down pipe and disassembled most the the right side suspension.  So part of my work to access my parts was done.  Also I was lucky in that I encountered no rusted frozen parts, and no stuck ball joints.  It was still a few hours work.  I had to disconnect the lower control arm from the mounts on both sides, disconnect the tie rods, disconnect all the power steering fluid lines, and loosen the bolts holding the cross member on the frame.  Then since the folks had removed the tranny, it was missing the transmission mount and I was going to remove the rear engine mount.  The front engine mount is more of a torque limiter and wouldn’t prevent the motor from falling.  The left mount had been disconnected.  I had to find a nut (on the civic next door) to reconnect the right engine mount.  After that I removed the rear motor mount bolt, and removed the bolts from the cross member.  Then I realized that the steering column was still connected.  So I wormed into the driver foot well, cut the plastic cover over the steering column off, and removed the bolt holding the u-joint onto the column.  When I got that out the whole steering rack/cross member fell a few inches.  It had snagged on one of the lower control arms.  After considerable additional fiddling and levering I finally got it out of there and balanced it on the hand truck with my tool box and hauled it up to the checkout.  $108.  Not bad.  Even the heat wouldn’t have been bad if my sweat hadn’t run into my eyes so many times.  I was so covered in grease.

Now I need to do it all again and then in reverse on our car after I disassemble the steering rack remove the piston and fill it with grease.