Dennis says we were in about 51st before my incident.  After my ill fated Sunday morning drive, we got Tedd in the car.  I told him to try for two hours.  He said to be ready in 90  minutes at noon.  We were in about 64th when Tedd got back out there.  He got faster with each lap and he beat my fast lap twice, eventually posting a 2:14.2 something.  We were ready at 12 but he came in more like 12:20 driving fast and a roving judge chewed us out but didn’t give us a penalty.  We were in about 54th when Tedd came in.  We fueled up.  I added almost a quart to the oil.  Dennis insisted that he wanted to keep the same tires on the car.  So we let him.  The allen screws holding the steering wheel onto the hub had worked loose and two had fallen out.  So we had to fix that real quick before sending Dennis out there.  He drove a nice consistent and quick set of laps for almost two hours.  Chis came next and did his two hours time keeping us out of trouble and improving our place by a few spots.  When Chris was done we were in 49th.

I drove the last 45 minutes.  I’m not sure what place we were in when I got out there.  It was crazy again.  I chased the Rover for a long time.  I passed him twice, once it took him several laps before he closed with me again and passed me back.  I chased some Bimmer for long time too, and there was a Z car that was blocking everyone.  It took a while but I got around him by following a string of faster cars through the Carosel on the inside.  Funny after that I didn’t see him again for a long time.  I did have a tiny bit of contact in 11.  We’d come into the turn 3 wide, which is quite common there.  There is a super tight hug the apex line, a quick middle line, and a bumpy outer line.  The bonehead on the far outside decided to try to apex the turn when there were other cars there.  I couldn’t tighten my turn enough to keep from clipping his right rear with my front left.  No spins.  No black flag.  As it was starting to get dark, they finally pulled out the checkered flag.  I was exiting 11 behind the UPS themed Camaro.  I think it is a 6 cylinder Camaro.  I took the outside line and it was a drag race to the finish line.  I passed got there first by just a few feet.  I didn’t pass him for a place in the race, but what a cool way to end the race!

We came in 50th out of 187 that entered! I know we beat the Blowes 4wd Mitsu Eclipse because they broke. We beat both of the other Accords that were entered.

When the official times come out I’ll know how we did in our class and whether I had any fast times my last stint.

I spun in turn 5

I’m fine and though the right rear is a bit torn up,  Tedd is out there now.

The traffic was crazy this morning.   Last night we disconnected the vacuum brake booster. The brakes are much, much heavier now but the modulation and control is vastly improved. It’s a real workout to slow down at the end of those straights now. I guess I was driving a little too hard. I almost spun in turn 2 at one point. I got a little sideways. I cooled it down after that but hit back into racing.  My best time this morning was 2:18 and change.  At the end of an hour, I was feeling tired. I was coming in to turn 5 which is at the bottom of a hill, a right-hander and turned in and the back and just started coming around. I countered steered into it but it made no difference and I ended up backwards. I was on the outside of the turn and the yellow came out right away but nobody slowed down. Cars we’re coming asserting that turn 3 wide! I saw three or more cars that I thought we were going to hit me  head on. I did get tagged on the right rear. I got it restarted and backed it up onto the grass and got it turned around and had maybe a hundred cars pass before I got back on to the track.

I went straight to the penalty box. I told them what had happened. They basically told me to go forth and sin no more. Then I drove to our Paddock Tedd was getting dressed but was not ready. I told him I would drive two more laps and then come in and let him take over. I just didn’t want to keep going I was feeling kind of shook up. I think my driving had gotten a bit sloppy. So it was time to let another driver take over. I came back in we topped off the fuel Tedd took off and he’s out there turning laps now.


Day 1

Dennis went first, then Tedd, me, and finally Chris Tedd’s brother.  Derek couldn’t drive with us this time since it is his wife’s birthday. So Chris returned as a pinch hitter.

I feel like a had a good drive.  It was lots of fun. I had great fun chasing the diesel 911 and I passed both vanagons though both passed me back.  I know, I know, bragging about passing a VW bus is sad, but both are really fast.  I feel a lot more comfortable passing than I have before.  There are still a bunch of cars that are way, way faster but I think we’ve really sorted it out.  It’s a good car to drive.  At one point I missed a downshift in turn 2 and the Polezei Vanagon almost rear ended me. I found those guys after the track went cold and apologized.  I’m so glad he was paying attention.

On my last lap, I got on the outside of about 4 overtaking cars in the bus stop and missed my brake point, locked it up and went off track.  There is a safe run out there.  So I went in to the penalty box.  After that I pitted and Chris took over.  Dennis said we were in 54th at the end of my drive.  We were in about 64th when Chris went back out.  We finished the day in 59th.  There is another similar Accord in 61st.  Overall it was a great day with decent stops and no mechanical issues.  For the first time ever at the end of the day I have the team’s fastest lap at 2:14.667.  That’s also my record for this track by 1.2 seconds.

The brakes are biased to the front now.  We’ll have to work on that.  It may be the time to get some rear disks off an Accord EX or I wonder what rear brakes they have on the Acura CL?  The new Raybestos St43 front brake pads have almost no wear.The new rear sway bar definitely cured the understeer.  The tail will step out a bit now.  It has a different handling character for sure.

Fast lap

I did my drive.  I had a string of sub 2:18 laps.   My fast was 2:14.667.  That is currently our team’s fastest lap.   I told Chis we should change tires before he went out. He should be faster than me. 

Lots done

Well last weekend I got the pads installed, brakes bled, the ducts installed and re routed, the transmission oil topped off, the oil changed, and the car prepped and packed.

This morning after dropping Ewan at the bus I went to the car, loaded all my tools and gear from my car to Tedd’s van, hooked up the car to the tow hitch and towed it up to Sonoma.  I really hate towing.  Braking is hard, accelerating is hard, going around corners is tricky, bumps are unnerving, and tolls on bridges are really expensive.

When I got to Sonoma the only spots I could find were way out in the boonies.  I don’t recall it getting filled up so quickly in the past.  So I unhitched the car in the boonies and drove the van around and got luck and found one last spot in a good location.  The neighbors behind us are the beirwagon, a BMW2002 with a working beer tap in the trunk.  So it’s a good neighborhood.  I put the race tires on, installed the seagulls, fixed a dragging heat shield on the brakes, and got it over to tech inspection at about 1pm.  Passed and was put in B class with zero laps as usual.  I got my gear inspected and Tedd’s gear inspected.  Then I used Tedd’s toe plates to check the toe.  Those new knuckles were different, it had a ton of toe out!  Dennis arrived and set up the tables and helped me check the toe between each adjustment.  True to the race’s name it was cold and windy today.

In the morning I plan to bleed the brakes one more time, I thought the pedal was spongy on the way to tech.  Then we need to torque the lugs tighten the gopro.

Dennis is driving first, then Tedd, me, and Chris.  Derek couldn’t make the race so Tedd’s brother Chris is driving with us again.  Sunday it’ll be Tedd, me, Dennis, and Chris.