Sunday morning we put Jason in the car for the first stint.  He started having fuel issues from the start.  About 10 laps in I saw him coming through turn 11, he lost power, and a bunch of faster cars came around and barely missed him.  Two went into the dirt to avoid him.  It was clear it was dangerous so I called it, and we brought him in.

With hindsight I wish I had cut a hole in the floor to access the fuel pump.  We might have had a good day of racing.  What a waste.  Sorry team.


So we loaded it all up.  Lara insisted on taking Ewan and I to lunch, so we did that.  It was expensive and was pretty good.  Then we went back to the track and started towing the car back.  I wish we had skipped the lunch too.  We probably would have made it back in time to drop off the uhaul stuff. Instead after unloading we parked it at work. I was afraid someone might steal the trailer if we left it on the street at Tedd’s.  At work I was able to back it into a tight spot so the trailer could not be stolen without stealing the truck too.

My biggest driving challenges of the weekend all involved backing up the trailer.  I even parallel parked it. ( I easily could have gotten it into a smaller space, but we never would have gotten the car off then)20200105_171402

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