Some Volvo Work and a Killer Jackstand

Yesterday Ewan and I took the Volvo over to Tedds for a few tasks, but we left my toolbox behind, so we were a bit limited. We did figure out the clunk in the rear suspension. One of the sway bar nuts was loose. We fixed that. We wanted to try to replace the transmission mount, and to look into what we’d need to do to replace the motor mounts. But I decided we’d go back home.

We’d made some progress. While we were there we picked up a pair of jackstands that we’ve been using for a few years that had been recalled by Harbor Freight. They can collapse! We stopped by HF on the way home and basically traded them in on a set of 1/2″ drive metric sockets. I’ll be getting my life safety equipment elsewhere from now on. If you have these jackstands, stop using them. HF is buying them back for $20 for a pair.

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