Most Done, But…

  • Buy and install a window net
  • Drill 3/16″ inspection hole in the cage
  • Install 2.5″ washers on all seat and belt mount bolts (our current ones are only 2″)
  • 4″ numbers on the front and rear bumpers
  • buy a better fueling drip pan
  • buy kitty litter
  • Better Tow markers
  • oil the cone filter
  • buy a 10lb fire extinguisher
  • pickup the tow vehicle
  • pickup the tow dolly
  • descuzzify and load up

Ewan was at his Mom’s last week and I took a few days off.  I got a few more things done, and this weekend with Ewan’s great help we got almost all the rest done.

The only 2.5″ washers I could find had 1″ holes, so I bought those and smaller washers to double them up, but those smaller washers were not impressively thick, and I doubt they would have passed inspection.  So I bought some flat stock.  2″ wide x 3/8″ high, by probably 1/8″ or 3/16″ thick C channel.  I cut it into 4″ long pieces and drilled the right size holes in it.  Those are my washers.  They have the same area and should be far stiffer than a washer.  Hope that does the trick.

I broke my 3/16″ drill bit, and still need to drill the inspection hole.  Friday I suppose.

Got kitty litter and a plastic storage bin from Target for our drip pan.  I made a stencil and we spray painted our Tow markings and our bumper numbers.  On sunday, in the rain we sorted through all our crap, organized things into various bins and bags. vacuumed the car out, and generally prepped for transport.

Friday at 9am I will pick up the truck and the trailer and bring them to Tedd’s.  There we will load the car and all our gear before heading to Monterey.  Motel check in is at 3pm and we are not allowed to arrive at the track until 5pm.  Tech from 5 to 8.  Newbie class at 7.  Fueling will be in the hot pit.  All our previous races did not allow access to the pits, all fueling, driver changes, and repairs were in the paddock.  So this will be really different.

Tedd told us Sunday afternoon that he might not be able to make the race.  He has to take care of his elderly Mom, and his brother is not stepping up.

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